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Registered Charity No. 517162

We ared running another trip to Kew in September. Please see the form here and the booking conditions here

We now sell conservation materials, download the order form here

Our quarterly magazine carries articles from members telling us about their research, which often leads to people discovering family links that have been lost. There are also articles on local history which fill out the background to your family history and tips for cracking the problems which bring your research to a halt.

Our website contains a section on data which is only available to members, giving access to information from our library and other sources. Typically these might be a list of names from an old newspaper or a local archive.

A visit to our library offers the chance to look at further information we have collected, including transcripts of parish registers and access to our own database of Derbyshire births, marriages and deaths. It also offers the chance to talk over your research with an experienced volunteer who can share their knowledge of the tricks of the trade for family history.

Attendance at our local meetings means the chance to meet other members with similar interests and to hear first-class illustrated talks on family history research and the background to our ancestors' lives.

Members can give more to the Society than their subscription. There are opportunities to work on projects, either at the Library or at home, to write for the magazine or to help run the Library or the local meetings.

All members have a vote at the Annual Meeting and the right to nominate the officers and executive committee and to stand as a candidate.

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