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Reference to a lawsuit between the Carsington Parish Ch represented by the Rev Nathanael Boothouse and Mr Robert Heyward, a Farmer of Carsington.

At issue was the payment of Tythes by Mr Heyward.

Memorandum Dec 8 1696

After a long and costly suit at law begun in the year 1692 between N.Boothouse, Parson at Carsington and complainant viz Robert Heyward of Carsington,defendant. The said defendant filing a multitude of falsehoods and tricks and delays in the said suit and the complainant all the while from first to last refusing to accept a reference of this suit to the arbitration of an honest,indifferent person but was always denied and frustrated in that by the defendant.At last on the day aforesaid at a hearing before the Lord Chief Baron Ward and the rest of the honorable judges of the court of Exchequer then sitting in Searjeants Inn Fleet Street,London, a final decree was made for to compel the said Robert Heyward to pay 2shillings in the pound for Tythe = Herbage and to find for Nath Boothouse for all lands pastured with ............unprofitable cattle.

See the original document on record in the Court of Exchequer..............Tourmino Mich…8...Maria Regisand Regina Anno Dom 1696.

See this copy at the beginning of this register.

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