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Church Book Carsington 1846-1932

Churchwardens Accounts submitted to the Vestry of Carsington 1847-1932.

The funds necessary for maintaining the fabric and services of the Church and for certain Parish purposes (eg molecatching and maintenance of the Parish Pumps) were raised originally by Church Rates.In 1868 the payment of Church Rates became voluntary but in this Parish they were levied by general consent until 1887 tho the Chuchwarden was often out of pocket.In 1888 no Church Rate was paid.Mr Taylor paid the expenses and arrears out of his own pocket and resigned ..... the records ...... Churchwarden being elected by the people.Mr Naylor the Rector,s Churchwarden acted alone until 1891 the "Easter Book" i.e.House to House collections,being started together with offertories to provide for Church expenses.After 1891 the offertories were dropped and a Church Box was substituted but the Church Box was a failure.Expenses were fully met out of the "Easter Book" until Mr Ward became Rector when he commenced to contribute any deficiency;after 1903 the "Easter Book" met all charges until dropped in 1910 when offertories were introduced by Rev C.Gordon.

Signed P.L.Gell.

Year Rectors Churchwardens


Christopher Oldknow
1847/9 John Bowler


John Heathcote


Rev R Picton "










Rev F H BrettJohn Wigley


" "


"William Beswick


"John Oldfield


" "
1861/74 "1861/69 " (died 1869)
1870 Robert Wilkinson
1870/74 John Heathcote
1875/87 "1875/81 Henry Taylor
1882/84 Robert Wilkinson
1885/87 Henry Taylor
1888/89E Cadogan Campbell (Curate)1888/90 Edward Naylor


Rev F H Brett
1891/99Rev E C Campbell (Curate)1891/1907 Henry Taylor/Edward Naylor
1900/1908Rev G W C Ward (Rector)1908 E Naylor died/Henry Taylor
1909/11Rev Cyril Gordon1909 Philip Littleton-Gell/H Taylor
1912/17Rev C Curry1911 P L Gell/H ?Taylor
1918/19Rev Gordon
1920/22Rev ?H Ham Vicar of Wirksworth


Rev A L Edwards

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