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Registered Charity No. 517162

We ared running another trip to Kew in September. Please see the form here and the booking conditions here

We now sell conservation materials, download the order form here

The Society's Headquarters and Research Facilities.

In February 1996 the Society was able to lease the Bridge Chapel House next to the 14th century Bridge Chapel on St Mary's Bridge in Derby. Through the hard work of the Committee and volunteers since then the Society now has its own Research and Reference Library which is growing all the time.

Here you will find a map of the Location of BCH. and here are some photos of BCH which can be opened individually to display full size.

Come and do your research in comfortable working conditions with access to various microfiche, including GRO Indexes. Use the census, parish records or various computer indexes. Snacks and drinks available on site and have a browse in the bookshop. There is limited parking at the House and other parking nearby.

Thanks to all the people who have volunteered to help run our research centre, we are now able to offer extended opening hours:

No booking is necessary, except for Saturday opening), but if you need any advice, contact the librarian, Mrs H.Betteridge, at Bridge Chapel House either by post or, during opening hours only, on +44 (0)1332 363876.

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