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We ared running another trip to Kew in September. Please see the form here and the booking conditions here

We now sell conservation materials, download the order form here

  1. Bridge Chapel House. Situated on St Mary's Bridge Derby, just off St Alkmunds Way, which is part of the Inner Ring Road. This leads to the A52 (Nottingham) and the Ml. Also to the A38 (South) the A514 (Melbourne, Ashby and the M42) and the A6 (South) Mansfield Road leads to the A38 (North) Duffield Road A6 (North).
  2. Local Studies Library. Irongate. 5 minutes walk.
  3. Central Bus Station. 10 minutes walk.
  4. Railway Station. 20 minutes walk.
  5. Multi Storey Car parks at (a) Bold Lane. (b) Chapel Street. (c) Assembly Rooms.
  6. Onstreet parking at, Duke St, Handyside St, River St, North Parade and Darley Lane. All within 2 minutes of the Chapel House.
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