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The Churchwardens accounts stopped at this point (1932) and the following entries were encountered.

This entry was found amongst the burials: 1638 The yew tree was felled in the churchyard by W,m Thorp,Richard ???, ??? Gell &Edward Malin upon the ??? of Simon and Jude Anno 5 1638

Vestry Meeting held April 25th 1888.

Resolved that Mr Campbell take the Chair. Present Mr S Steeples, Mr W Steeples, Mr Haycock, Mr Hitchcock, Mr Naylor and Mr H Taylor.

Proposed by Mr Hitchcock and seconded by Mr S Steeples that Mr E Naylor act as Churchwarden for the ensuing year.

Rectors of Carsington Churchwardens
1311 Hugo de Warkinham
(The Font was made in this century.
The East window and the buttresses date from about 1310)
1313 John de Veynes
1315 John de Campaine
(An Acolyte made Sub Deacon, Deacon & Priest in one day)
1364 Henry de Assheton resigned
1421 Richard Smythe resigned
1424 Richard Whitcombe
1435 Richard Whitcombe resigned Thomas Porte
1451 Richard Smythe
1489 John Northampton

Vestry Meeting held April 9th 1885.

  1. Resolved that Mr Fernehough take the Chair
  1. Proposed Mr Fernehough, seconded Mr S Steeples that Mr Taylor serve as Churchwarden for the ensuing year.
  2. An application having been made by Mrs Hitchcock (Church Cleaner) for an advance of 10/-. Proposed by Mr H Taylor & carried that the salary for the coming year be raised to three pounds. Mr Hitchcock proposed on behalf of himself and wife to do their utmost to satisfy the Parishioners respecting the cleaning and heating of the Church.

Rectors of Carsington Churchwardens
1563 Hugo Sheldon died
Thomas Haydocke 1606 Thomas Gell
1637 William Thorpe. Rectory built 1608 Ralph -do-
1638 1611 Richard -do-
1648 Church redeified, (Sundial) 1616 Ralph -do-
1650 John Oldfield 1623 Richard -do-
1662 Robert Stones. No Register kept 1683-1688.
1687 Malin Harrabin died.
1688 Nathaniel Boothouse
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