Registered Charity No. 517162

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Meetings (next 2 months)

Latest news and Updates

DERBY: Friends Meeting House, St Helen's St. on the second Tuesday of the month. [Location Map]

GLOSSOP & HIGH PEAK: Bradbury Community House, Market Street on the first Friday of the month. [Location Map]

SOUTH NORMANTON: Post Mill Community Centre on the second/third Friday of each month. [Location Map]

We ared running another trip to Kew in September. Please see the form here and the booking conditions here

We now sell conservation materials, download the order form here

Welcome to our Derbyshire Family History Society website. It gives information on services we provide.

You may also purchase publications, take out membership or send a query.

For over 25 years the Society has linked together people researching their family history in Derbyshire.

During that time we have built up an extensive library and assembled a team of expert volunteers.

Our library in Derby is open three days a week.

We ask those who are not members to make a donation when they use it.

Click on the Membership menu to join now.

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