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New email for the editor

Most people send articles or contact me [Helen] by using and I actually prefer that you do. However just recently my computer has been causing me problems and I have had to overhaul my set up so I now have a new home email, namely
If you wish to contact me at home or prefer magazine articles to be sent to that address, then the above is the one to use. It will appear in the magazine from June onwards. Sorry for the inconvenience



More data uploaded to our website

As some of you might have noticed we are constantly adding to our cemetery records data. Uttoxeter Road is ongoing and we are also starting on our other two big ones, Nottingham Road and Belper. In the meantime we have just added Draycott and Marston on Dove [which are complete] and the first lot of Spondon Cemetery has also gone on line. Keep checking back, more will be going on in the near future


8 May 2016

Quaker Meeting House, St Helen's Street, Derby

Dissolution of the Monasteries by Julia Hickey

Julia is coming to give us what seems to be a rip roaring talk. Called Dissolution of the Monasteries- Superstition, Scandal and Dodgy Dealings we can follow Thomas Cromwell, his monastic visitors and accountants as they dismantled the nation’s, and Derbyshire’s, monastic houses using whatever means were necessary. Meet pirates, highwaymen and thieves – and that’s just the monks!
Sounds a riot!!