Derbyshire Family History Society


Trip to the National Archives, Kew

Sat 14th September 2019 7.30am departure

Kew, London

Closing date for bookings 31st August 2019

The coach will depart from Full St, Derby (roundabout) at 7:30 AM
and depart for the return journey at 16:00 hours.

Please note we need a certain number of people to take up the option of a seat otherwise the trip will have to be cancelled. As well as research it is a chance to browse in their library, visit the bookshop, look round their displays and just generally enjoy the day. If you have no interest in history, Kew Gardens is just a short walk away.

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Fee: 20


New data on website

Another two sets of cemetery data added

The latest checked data for Nottingham Road and Uttoxeter Road Cemeteries is now available for members to search on our website. Uttoxeter Road is from 1922 to 1932, there is only one more lot to go on to complete that cemetery. Nottingham Road is a lot bigger and taking a lot of time to check, but there are another 3000 entries from 1864 to 1867 to have a look through. Hopefully two or three more cemeteries are coming to the end of checking and they will be uploaded as soon as practicable. Non members can search for a name, but full data is only available to members or to those who have purchased credits.


---New Publication

Diary of Joshua Smith, 1741-45, now available

The diary was edited some years ago by Edwin Welch, a professional archivist, but was unable to find a publisher. It contains information about Derby and its people, stopping tantalisingly short of the arrival of the Scots army in 1745. It is available in the data download section.